Aptitude Test and Interview

They are a tool used to see how candidates might deal with the challenges of the role they are interviewing for. Aptitude tests are usually done via an online platform, however, businesses may invite you into the office to take these tests too. This depends on their recruitment processes.

Connection And Networking

As a recruitment strategy, networking enables you to get your message out about your company, culture and opportunities beyond the posting process. It can cultivate interest and increase the candidate pool. Invest the time to keep your connections alive and to expand them

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Welcome to Fortune Careers-We are a privately held recruitment agency for having globally interlinked professionals with extensive understanding of the various aspects of multinational and local business and industry’s specific demands. Our entrepreneurial creativity makes us the premier executive recruitment and selection organization to serve clients all across the india


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Comprehensive research in providing the best solution to our customers.

We give importance to intensive trainings to our team

Equipped with newest technological advancements and techniques.

We have adopted international practices and methodologies to ensure timely and successful executive search.


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Permanant Staffing

Caters to sourcing, recruiting and getting on board quality professionals in an organization.

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Advertised Recruitment

Assists clients in handling recruitment through advertisements to reach out to a larger pool of candidates.

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Turnkey Recruitment

Undertakes end-to-end recruitment for start up companies involving recruitment of junior, middle and senior level professionals.

No Hidden Fees

Executive Search

Recruitment of middle and senior level professionals for critical positions within the client organization.


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